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Clemson vs Ohio State live: The state of Ohio ranks second in the ranking of college football playoffs and ranks first in the country (48.7 ppg) and second in defense (12.5). Clemson is third in the CFP ranking and holds No. 4 in the country (46.5) and No. 1 in defense (10.6).

Both teams are among the top five in the 21st NCAA Statistical Rankings. They are the only two teams that entered the Top 10 in terms of the number of attacks, scored defense, general attack and full defense.

Buckeyes became the first team in the history of the Big Ten, which won the third championship in a row. They won 19 games in a row. This is their ninth look at the Fiesta Bowl, most of any bowl game besides the Rose Bowl. OSU 5-3 in previous Fiesta Bowls.

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Ohio, in its first year of the Ryan Day era, had an absolutely dominant run through the Big Ten on the way to its third college Football Playoff appearance. Buckeyes and Georgia are handed over to Justin Fields, a thriving quarterback, and Chase Young, wreaking havoc on the edge, won his first 10 games with an average margin of 41.7 points, jumping to No. 2 in the country by the end of November.

Ohio came out November 23 with a difficult victory over Penn State No. 8 with a score of 28-17 to capture the Big Ten East and rise to first place in the college football playoff ranking. From there, OSU closed the unbeaten regular season, defeating Michigan rival, then the No. 13 team in the country, 56-27 in Ann Arbor. In the title match of the Big Ten, Ohio lagged behind Wisconsin, the team that beat 38–7 in October, 21–7 at half-time. Buckeyes attacked again to win 34-21, but eventually fell to No. 2 after LSU in the final CFP ranking.

Clemson: Clemson enters the college football playoffs – his fifth consecutive playoff match – in a remarkable winning streak of 28 games. A year ago, the Tigers went to the national championship, defeating Notre Dame in the semifinals and Alabama in the title match, and continued the game in 2019. Besides being almost upset in North Carolina on September 28, Clemson dominated every team played this season.

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Even if you included 21–20 victories over the UNC, Clemson scored an average of 35.9 points for winning the season, limited to 62–17 victories over Virginia in the ACC title match. Was there an ACC this season? Of course, but Clemson still played at an elite level – especially during the second half of the season. The strength of the schedule – combined with the unbeaten runs from LSU and Ohio – ultimately kept Clemson at the top of the CFP rating. Dabo Swinney took advantage of this by playing a card of disrespect to the utmost level. But if his team is motivated to move to another CFP, it’s worth it.

This is the best match number 2 against number 3 in the six-year history of college football playoffs. Ohio and Clemson had the legal right to be the No. 1 team in the country during other seasons of the CFP, but we were lucky that this time they met in the semifinals.

In this game, two of the top five crimes in the country go against the top two in the country. Clemson puts out 547.7 yards per game, third in the country, while Ohio averages 531 yards per game, No. 5 in the country. In terms of overall protection, Clemson is No. 1 (244.7 South) and Ohio is behind No. 2 (247.6 South). In addition, five players participate in this game, who entered the top 10 Heisman votes.

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On the Ohio State side Fields, Young and J.K. Dobbins. Fields demonstrated a remarkable 40 to 1 touchdown and interception ratio in his first season as a starter, while Young leads the country with 16.5 bags and 1829 yards of Dobbins is third in the country. Meanwhile, Clemson is led by quarterback Trevor Lawrence (3,172 yards, 34 TD) and RB Travis Etienne (1,500 yards, 17 TD).